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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Q.1 How To Reach Manali, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh ?
  • Q.2 Do packages have any hidden fee ?
  • Q.3 Can tour packages be extended also and how ?
  • Q.4 How to extend my tour while its going on?
  • Q.5 Is quality of vehicles are assured and updated used while tour?
  • Q.6 How can i make sure of hospitality and services of hotel?
  • Q.7 How to book the package from your site?
  • Q.8 What are the modes of payment available?
  • Q.9 When should i buy the package?
  • Q.10 How do I assure that the hotel booking made through kullu manali honey moon travel (kullumanalihoneymoon.com) is confirmed at the Hotel?
  • Q.11 What are the required documents to book a package ?
  • Q.12 Till what time i will get my confirmed e-tickets?
  • Q.13 How can i get to know tour availability before booking?
  • Q.14 Whom should I contact in case of an emergency while tour is going on?
  • Q.15 Can i contact hotel staff for my booking confirmation?
  • Q.16 Do i need to carry any I D proof during tour?
  • Q.17 How to cancel or postpone my booked tour package?
  • Q.18 Why is Himachal Pradesh termed as the best place for honeymooning in India?
  • Q.19 How far Manali from Mumbai or Delhi?
  • Q.20 Which is the best season to go to a Manali tour?
  • Q.21 Some places that I can visit in and near Manali?
  • Q.22 Can I get the cheapest rates for honeymoon packages in Himachal Pradesh if I begin my trip from Shimla?
  • Q.23 What special features are there in the honeymoon packages in Manali?
  • Q.24 Which is the best way to reach Manali?
  • Q.25 How can I reduce my travelling expenses to and from Manali?
  • Q.26 Which is the best way to travel in the city?
  • Q.27 Which is better- booking a honeymoon package or touring without it?
  • Q.28 Can I go to Manali with family and friends too?
  • Q.29 Is manali honeymoon package expensive?

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