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Delhi to Manali by car

Feb 10, 2019     23

Living in a metropolitan city can become tiring at times. Delhi is one such city that has everything to offer you in terms of facilities and royal services. You might have all the luxury living in a city that is so developed but at times, you just want an escape to witness the natural beauty and take a break from those skyscraping buildings and never-ending traffic. Also, Delhi building up in a smokehouse, you might crave for some fresh air. One of the best options is to escape to the hills and fill up your lungs with all the fresh air and submerge your vision with that scenic beauty which is unparalleled.  

Traveling to Manali is a great idea to spend your extended weekend nicely. As you might think, that it might be a little late to book your train or flight tickets which leave you with the next best option which is to travel by road. Here is your guide to your road trip to Manali from Delhi.

Delhi to Chandigarh

To start off your road trip be sure to book your cab driver beforehand as it is an indeed a long journey and you might not want to reach Manali tired from all the driving. If this is not an issue to you, you can drive yourself but be sure to leave early in the morning so as to reach Manali before the day ends. This will help you get some rest and start exploring the day after. You can stopover for some breakfast at a Dhaba on the way. Once your stomachs are full, you can continue your trip. People having motion sickness should keep medicines handy and avoid heavy meals and not fill up their stomachs fully. 


As soon as you arrive at Kullu, you will start witnessing all the beauty that you have been waiting for. You will be able to see the Beas River flowing by and the fresh air that you were devoid of in Delhi. You can stopover and enjoy some hot Maggie which is famous in the hills. As you go above, the temperature decreases, we hope you already packed your woolens. You can shop here as well as the shawls in Kullu are very famous. This is a great time to stock up some of them and get some souvenirs to gift your friends and family back in Delhi. 


Finally, you reach your dream destination. This is where your vacation starts and where you unwind all your worries and escape in the beauty for which Kullu and Manali is known for. Each place here is as beautiful as you can imagine. So be sure you get the most of this honeymoon destination in India. 

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