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Delhi delights Three days in Delhi Agra Tours With Kullu Manali Tours

Feb 22, 2019     23

Delhi delight’s

Three days in Delhi:

Delhi has much to offer to every member of the family and leaves them asking for more. The tourist attractions in Delhi are guaranteed to touch the core of every travelers’ heart and ensure that they cherish the memories for a long, long time. So, when you head out for your family holiday tour in Delhi, here is the places in Delhi that you should not miss.

The best time to visit New Delhi is in the fall, when temperatures begin to drop, and humidity left over from the annual June-to-August monsoon begins to subside. Winter is also popular, though nights can get quite chilly. Early spring is pleasant, but avoid the summer months of May and June, when the city can get unbearably hot, with temperatures often reaching over 100°F.


New Delhi is fairly spread out, so most visitors rely on taxis, autorickshaws, or public transportation to get around. As traffic jams are an issue in the city, it’s often quickest to travel by metro. The network is clean and efficient, but some sections are still under construction, so check the latest with your hotel before setting out.


January is the coolest month with an average temperature of 57.5°F (14.2°C). June is the hottest month with an average temperature of 94°F (34.3°C).

Know Before You Go

India is still very much a cash economy, and while you can use credit cards in most of New Delhi's major hotels, stores, and restaurants, it’s always a good idea to have rupees to hand for taxis and smaller purchases. Non-residents can’t legally bring rupees into India, but ATMs are plentiful; just make sure to exchange or withdraw cash on arrival at the airport.


Hindi, English


Type C (two-prong plug) or Type D (three-prong plug)


Indian Rupee (₹)

Delhi is the second most populous city in India, which is the second most populous country in the world. Everywhere you go the city is hustling and bustling with crowds of people, and with these people come an incredible sensory overload of an abundance of colors, smells, sights, and sounds. Delhi is such a culturally vibrant place that you must put on your travel list, if only to visit for a few days.

Day 1: 

Maddame Tussauds visit:

Madame Tussauds opened in Delhi in 2018. Located in the heart of Delhi at connaught Circus. Metro train connectivity is available at rajiv Chowk. Ticket is very high and priced approx Rs1000/-. You can spend ample time inside clicking your pictures with your favorite celebrities. Interiors are awesome and well maintained. Different floors for various personalities. You can see wax statues of various Indian leaders, Bollywood actors and actress, Indian sports players, Politicians etc. Statues are in different posses and almost near to Original. staff available inside is well trained and courteous. Near the exit gate you can buy souvenirs from souvenir shop. You may visit this place if you have never been to Madame Tussaud's anywhere else. Glamorous place with full of life like statues of living legends. A Picturesque building. Felt amazed with the experience. Must visit if you are near around Delhi. Situated at the heart of Delhi (Connaught Place). Amazingly friendly staff and You can take tons of photos inside the building. 

 Nice place, make sure you think of some nice poses to get clicked with these statues . They charge you around 350 per picture they click and print.

Best recommended to book your tickets online as it will be cheaper than the counter tickets. 

Visit in group to have the ultimate fun. Small yet fun place to visit with family. I went on a weekend but thankfully it wasn't as crowded as I expected. You can take a lot of pictures with the statues which are placed with interesting props that you are allowed to use for the pictures. Its expensive but I guess its necessary to control the crowd.

Try online booking (nearby app) to get nice deal rather than walk in. One time go to place and ensure u do Google how to pose. Amazing experience. Surprised to see how

 well managed in small place. Looking forward to see more additions.

Day 2-

Rajpath to India Gate

We kept walking down the green leafy streets of South Delhi. I liked how many of the traffic circles featured lush parks in the center. We soon arrived on the Rajpath which stretches from the Indian government buildings to India Gate. Bright yellow flowers lined the path. India Gate loomed in the smoggy haze in the distance. Before we knew it, we had joined the throng of tourists congregating at the base of the structure. This monument to fallen World War I heroes was particularly impressive up close. People posed for pictures in front of the small gazebo behind the India Gate. Vendors selling all manner of beverages and snacks were located conveniently nearby. A murky fountain sat alongside the India Gate. We finished our circuit through the area and hopped into an auto-rickshaw to take us to our next stop: Gandhi Smriti.

If you will go there then you will get to know the power of Indian army,
 Patriotic feeling,I'm happy that I'm belonging to this country.
 You will feel proud awesome when they will start the lights during evening 3colors of our flag will reflect on the gate,just love it I will never forget the moment.

Great place and great monument. Busiest with thousands of visitors. Great surroundings. We can take pictures from close range. Snacks and transport available close by. Winter is the good time to visit with pleasant weather. Best timing is at evening. Best part is when sun sets and it appears in between the India Gate. Sideways fountains are very interested. Great place for picnic in summers. Great street food. Chat with the guards. They'll fill your heart with proud and respect towards your national.

One of the beautiful heritage monuments dedicated to soldiers of World war and afterward who do supreme sacrifice of life for their beloved motherland. The experience was great. The night lighting was superb. We spent about an hour there and it was freezing. The experience was good. Felt proud to be a citizen of this country. The best time to visit is in the night because with the colorful lighting and the police force there taking rounds is amazing.

Day Three-

The Taj Mahal

Beautiful, just how you'd expect it to be. It is, after all, one of the 7 wonders of the world. There are beautiful gardens all around where you can roam, and there 4 gates to enter from. The general ticket is 50 bucks and the high value ticket is for 250. The difference is that with the high value ticket you can go up there on the platform :) I'd recommend you do take the 250 one because the pictures with the white marble-y background are unmatched. Great place for visiting. 

 It's most beautiful place. Traveler should try to make it to see sunset at Taj Mahal as well as experience the sunrise view. The early you visit monument less crowd you experience, and one can enjoy clicking pictures. Be careful of the guides that are in the monuments. It is not mandatory to have guide, nor is it required. One can read online about the monument and enjoy guide free own way the monuments.

On your second day, take a taxi down to the city of Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and cross a world wonder off your bucket list! It can be difficult to find a clear way to catch a bus or train down to Agra from Delhi, so I suggest hiring a taxi for the day. It may be more expensive but is also much more reliable. If you can find some people from your hostel or hotel to join you, it will help decrease the cost and you may make new friends! The Taj Mahal is open from sunrise to sunset, and it is best to get there as early as you can due to the increase of crowds as the day goes on. Besides, it would be incredible to catch the sunrise! Once you arrive and enter the attraction, if there is a long line you can skip it by hiring a tour guide. They give you priority to get inside, and therefore save you time. Once you are in, enjoy one of the most stunning structures you will ever encounter. If you are without a tour guide, do some research beforehand so you can fully appreciate the history of this elaborate edifice.

A trip to Delhi is incomplete without visiting its most famous landmark! The Taj Mahal isn’t only a famous place to visit in India, it’s famous all around the globe, with millions of visitors every year. Here is all my best, little-known tips for Taj Mahal visit, so you can make the most of your trip.

The best Taj Mahal visiting time is EARLY

It opens at 6 am, and you should be there right then! I didn’t make it at that time, and it was quite crowded while I was there. To me, it wasn’t a big deal- I’m not much of a monument person anyway. I know some people would have been bummed though.

Be prepared to be hassled.

And I don’t mean by vendors. I mean by the nicest families ever… but there are just a few too many of them. If someone wants a photo with you (and they will), just know that once you agree, a line will form. I must have taken at least 30 photos with people, and finally had to say no which always makes me feel bad when it’s nice people. You have to make sure you get your experience there, not just help make other people get a photo they want.

There are a few different entry gates.

They all charge the same. Foreigners pay 750 rupees while nationals pay 20 rupees. At the time, I was a little annoyed, but looking back now that I live in India, I completely understand. Foreigners get a free bottle of water, and everyone gets shoe covers you must wear inside.

. You cannot bring snacks in with you.

They will search your purse. Lockers are located outside the gate.

There are beautiful gardens all around. Great place. Have fun!
 Sunset and sunrise view is best here. So, try to get in this time and your will experience the unexpected view. As you all may know Agra is not a luxurious city, so at first I had this thought that Taj Mahal was one of those overrated places, but as soon as you enter the main gate you will see this magnificent white marble building surrounded by beautiful gardens, totally worth it to visit, if it is possible try to get there early in the morning to avoid crowds. There is not too much to see in the inside but the structure itself is simply a piece of art. What can you say about this world wonder? Most marvelous architecture. Stunning design. So beautiful place. And it's more than a century old putting all other modern architecture to a shame!

 Beautiful place but crowded. Guides available to get detailed ideas about the place and history. Wheel chairs available if you are going with senior citizens as aged people be able to walk that much. It was sunny day and pleasant weather in Nov last week. In summers it's too hot to walk around. Overall place is beautiful, and experience is nice. Taj Mahal was breathtaking, everything you would expect and more. I would recommend getting a good guide to explain the history around the event. I would also recommend skipping the for pay photographers, we were able to use our smart phones and have our guide assist us and still had wonderful pictures. Tourist had to pay a premium for tickets but with the extra pay you did not have to stand in a line which on the day we visited was at least 2 hours long. The pictures we were able to take was spectacular, an absolute must see if you visit India. My mind is still blown at how intricate and beautifully detailed the Taj Mahal is once you see it in the flesh. Pictures don't do it justice, you need to go here in person. Amazing experience to witness pure artistry. 6/5 stars from me. 20000 laborers and 20 years has created one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen! It's a site to behold.

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